Diabetes Education Centre
We believe that people with diabetes and those involved in their care have the right to quality professional resources and education to help them better manage their diabetes.
Our Service is primarily involved in Adult Care and is able to provide extensive education in diabetes and its management skills. Sessions are conducted on a one-to-one and/or group basis.

Various topics are covered within an Education Program:
  • Overview of diabetes type 1, type 2 or gestational
  • Nutrition, food and eating with diabetes
  • Activity and exercise
  • NSW Health Department Standards of Care
  • Blood glucose monitoring and the National Diabetes Services Scheme
  • Oral hypoglycaemic medications
  • Insulin injections
  • Hypoglycaemia management
  • Sick day management
  • RTA notification
  • Travel
  • Coping strategies, stress management and other psychosocial issues
  • Liaison with other Allied Health Professional
The Staff primarily involved in your education will be the Doctor, Dietitian and the Diabetes Nurse Educator. The High Risk Foot Service and Diabetes Health Assessment Unit can be arranged for people who satisfy the Service’s criteria.
For people who do not speak English as their first language, an interpreter can be provided as required at no financial cost.

Phone enquiries about management issues or for further information are welcome at any time during working hours or by Voicemail or fax outside these hours.

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