Diabetes Health Assessment Unit
The Sydney Diabetes Health Assessment Service was opened in July 2002 to help general practitioners manage patients with diabetes.
What services do we offer?
Diabetes Health Assessment
Diabetes Case Management
Diabetes Health Coaching

What does a diabetes health assessment involve?
Patients with diabetes who live in the North Shore area are able to have an annual check-up of their diabetes at RNSH.

An annual check-up means that your eyes, feet, kidneys, heart and diabetic control will be reviewed by our specialist unit.

After your diabetes health assessment, a report will be sent to you and your GP. The report will contain details of your assessment as well as treatment recommendations. You may be contacted by our Diabetes Case Manager and/or Diabetes Health Coach.

What does the Diabetes Case Manager do?
If we identify that you require assistance with your diabetes, blood fats or blood pressure, we will refer you to our Diabetes Case Manager who will follow up the recommendations and work with your GP to assist you with the ongoing management of your diabetes.

What can the Health Coach do for me?
Health coaching will be offered to all patients who get a diabetes health assessment. The Health Coach can assist you in achieving your personal health goals for better self health management and facilitate your understanding of your diabetes.

Will this check-up mean I no longer go to my local doctor?
No. This check up is just once a year.
The rest of the time you will see your local doctor in the usual way.

Is there any special preparation needed?
No. You just need to bring a referral from your GP, a list of your medications including dosage and a recent blood test. If you have no recent blood test, your doctor may choose for you to have your blood test done at our clinic.

How long will it take?
The check-up will take approximately one and a half hours. You may have your eyes dilated for eye photography. If so, you cannot drive safely for about 2 hours afterwards and you will need sunglasses. Try to bring someone with you or use public transport.

Where can you find us?
We are in Royal North Shore Hospital, the New Building, Ambulatory Care Centre,Level 3 (Ground floor),Clinic 1. Follow the signs in the main foyer. There is parking available, accessible from either Pacific Highway or Reserve Road. A parking fee is payable.

How do I attend?
You only require a referral from your local doctor.

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